Withrow Ball Hockey Academy



Two Session Registration

Pick any 2 sessions and register online for only $500 for both sessions (not including the lunch program).  The lunch program is an additional $100, which totals to $600 for the 2 weeks. Information on each individual session can be found in the Session Information Section.

The process for a two session registration is similar to a single session. Payment is completed through Paypal, e-transfer or in-person.  Following payment you will be brought to our registration form which you may fill out online or download and submit on the first day of the session.


To register and pay through e-transfer, please click on the following button as it will take you to our e-transfer information page.

PayPal (Credit or Debit)

To register and pay through PayPal please indicate your lunch option in the following section.  After payment you will be brought to the registration form where you can indicate your desired session dates.  Paypal has a 3% transaction fee associated with it.


Two Session Registration

Lunch Option

In-Person (Cash or Cheque)

If you would like to pay in person with cheque or cash you will be placed on a waiting list.  We will be available at the Withrow Park Rink, May to June on the weekends between 11 am and 4 pm.  Only once you have paid will your registration be confirmed. 

Spots are available on a first come first serve basis.  Spots will be filled based off of date of payment. If there are any disputes over a full section, the date and time of the receipt will be used to verify payment date.