Withrow Ball Hockey Academy



Our Story

The Withrow Ball Hockey Academy came to fruition through the hard work and leadership of our founder, Collin Wong. What started out as a faraway idea that was discussed on the way home from a men's league ball hockey game has now become a very real program. Our staff is comprised entirely of Withrow Park Ball Hockey League alumnus, most of whom have experience playing ball hockey at the international level. 

It was always a sad time when the ball hockey season ended, leaving the summer and the Withrow Park rink wide open. This day camp will provide children between the ages 6-14 years old the opportunity to continue playing ball hockey all summer long. During our first year of operation, the staff at the academy worked hard to ensure that every camper enjoyed learning how to improve at ball hockey, while also developing integral life skills such as teamwork and leadership. We received nothing but positive feedback from our campers and their parents. This has further motivated the camp director and councillors to prepare for the upcoming summer. 

The Withrow Ball Hockey Academy is entering what ensures to be an exciting fourth season. We, the staff, are committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for our campers that will allow us to pass on what so many other great instructors have taught us; how to excel in the sport of ball hockey while standing side by side with lifelong friends. We are expanding our camp this summer, allowing us to accommodate as many kids as possible. We hope you will join us in 2019!